Love Letters


“I have used akikovalentine to photograph me 3 times over the last 10 years.  I enjoy marking important moments in my life with photos and Christine has done a great job capturing those occasions.  Christine makes you feel comfortable and has a great sense of light. This results in absolutely amazing photos!!! She has documented me in numerous yoga poses, captured my beautiful pregnant belly and, most recently, made me feel absolutely gorgeous with a boudoir session. I can’t say enough about how pleased I have been working with her. I know that I’ll use her again in the future.” -Angie, November 2013


“OMG, you’re such an amazing artist. I love, love, LOVE the things you do with light and composition…Thank you for this wonderful experience; I’m going to sing your praises to anyone who will listen.” -Wendy, November 2013


“I am in awe of Christine, aka Modern Day Renaissance Woman, for producing some of my absolute favorite self- and family-portraits ever!  Christine is able to combine her talents in photography, art/composition and people-skills to get her subjects looking gorgeous, not awkward.  I think it is a combination of the way she can execute her unique and creative genius during her shoots, while also putting people at ease and helping them determine exactly what they want to see of themselves on film. I absolutely love her work and can’t wait until our next project.” -Alice, November 2013

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