Akiko Valentine is…

About making you love yourself more than you already do!

Helping you rediscover how amazing you are now, not 15 pounds up or down from where you’re at!

Letting you see your beauty through someone else’s eyes.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area and available for both domestic and international shoots.

Your photo session:

Before we get to the picture taking we’ll have a chat about what you want from your shoot. We can meet over coffee, the phone or skype/gchat, whatever you prefer.

We’ll go over the do’s and don’ts for how to get ready for the shoot, starting with the week ahead to the day of.

You’ll be assigned two homework assignments but don’t worry! They’re both fun and require a little bit of introspection. Your answers to these assignments will help guide the session.


About the Photographer:

My name is Christine and I’m the photographer for Akiko Valentine. I am all about loving ourselves as we are and fostering love, appreciation, support and acceptance for all women. None of this cattiness!

I’m a photographer, a nerd, an adorer of sharks, an avid traveller, own a one-eyed cat in a dog suit and I openly admit to loving pop music.

I have a deep love of top ramen for breakfast, gravy, fresh avocados and nutritional yeast on kale chips.

I once had a monkey pull my used tampons out of a garbage bin, by the string, and throw them on the ground in front of 20 strangers. I totally understand what it feels like to be mortified.





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